Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Second time lucky

Sometimes I send drawings on a postcard to people who I don't know, using twitter to collect victims. 

In September I sent the card below from Howmore, South Uist to @aikowrites.  But I addressed it wrongly and it never arrived.  Did have funny correspondence with @RoyalMail who said that the card would have been destroyed.  This is what happens to miss-addressed post.  Maybe someone saved it from the shredder and has it on their pinboard.

Here are the other cards I sent at the same time.

On 2nd Jan I drew this and posted it, again to @aikowrites.  aiko sent me a photograph when it arrived safely:

St Oran's Chapel, Iona, in the Reilig Oran.  Here, as at Howmore, there are graves of Lords of the Isles.  Somerled himself might be nearby.


tanja said...

lovely. I've enjoyed stopping by, and find the balance you have found between detail and form very inspiring.

straight from the den said...

thank you for visiting, and kind comments!

like your trout