Monday, 1 November 2010

Postcards from the Edge II

All of these cards were posted at Howmore, South Uist on 6th September.  Some were sent to twitter followers, the rest to family and friends.  Some other cards had already been given away * * , and some came home with me *.  

The cards shown were drawn between the 30th August and 6th September in a few different locations: Howmore; various locations on Berneray; a couple of ferries; St Clements, Rodel, Harris.  Picture taken on the table at Howmore hostel, as I did the divvy up. 

Twitter followers who responded to the offer of a card #postcardsfromtheedge:

*card m.i.a. 

update:  the card sent to @randomhousekpr turned up 2 months late and with an Edinburgh postmark.  Particularly odd as it arrived on the same day that I had got in touch with Royal Mail to see if it could be traced.


elizabeth barnett said...

these are lovely!

straight from the den said...

thank you!

send me your address and i'll add you to the list xx

Direcleit said...

Love these! - and Howmore Hostel is an especially special place, isn't it?

straight from the den said...

Hi Peter,

Thank you...and for taking the time to comment!

It's an amazing place. After a very bleak and windy cycle Howmore felt like a cosy dell in the landscape.

Have you been to the other Gatliff places? The one at Berneray is unbelievable.