Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Very Long Engagement...Card

Congratulations card for a dear friend and her husband-to-be, pictured in their bookcase in London.

A panorama done on the move: the changing view on the crossing between Rum and Arisaig.  Taking in the mountains of Skye, Knoydart, and Lochaber.  Watercolour on cheap lion brand blank postcards.

And a special envelope made from the Companies & Markets pages of the FT.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Drawing for A Dram

He was a rigger in recalibration after a stint of night shifts.

A large dram was administered as I sat outside drawing.  John sat on the other bench with the bottle of Bushmills.  He wore a jumper forgotten on the pulley by another (smaller) hosteler.  A couple more draughts were drawn before he disappeared rig-lagged into his room.

I don't know where this drawing is now, possibly on an oil rig miles out into the North Sea.  Autumn migration south may have taken it to a different beach hut.  A swap: heather and reed thatch for palm.

A Tale of Two Saddles

I made a wee sketch of a tandem aboard the MV Loch Portain, the Berneray to Harris Ferry.  The sketch went home with the owners of the bike, lovely Alan & Wendy, who we had met the day before.

The tandem has been Alan & Wendy's mode of transport on adventures all over the world, while we are touring novices; it was great to chat panniers and packing with them.

This week Alan & Wendy sent a photograph of the drawing, up on their wall alongside mementos from their other trips.

A & W also did a tour blog - warning - this site has quantities of powerfully diverting reading material!

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Writing Room

New site just launched - for literary agent Maggie McKernan's consultancy The Writing Room.  Featuring llustrations and hand drawn type from this stable!  We did the site design and build too.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Scots Pine

2010, digital, illustration, pen, pinus sylvestris, scots pine

Berneray 31st August: Electrical & White Goods, Lobster Pots.

2010, berneray, drawing, Loch a Bhaigh, pen, plein air, postcard, scotland, west, outer hebrides,