Monday, 3 August 2009


Last week there was the biggest clan gathering ever, in Edinburgh. There hasn't been anything like it here for a long time. Left is a poster advertising the 1951 clan gathering, from the collection of the Museum of London.

A nice accidental find to help me out with ideas for the wedding invitations that I am designing for my cousin. City silhouettes and tartan were ideas already usual. The client's brief cites Edinburgh/London/Malaysia/Norfolk and several tartans as possibilities for inclusion.

This is the kind mentalists' brief that is most welcome (nay, desired!) in the den. Thanks S&P!

Also taking place during the Edinburgh Festival of 1951 (Only the 5th Edinburgh Festival and the same year as the Festival of Britain) was 'Living Traditions', an exhibition at the Royal Scottish Museum (now Royal Museum of Scotland and currently closed for refurbishment). Left is the Roger Nicholson (Palladio Wallpapers) designed poster.

Quite different displays of style and content. Not so different from disparity in currently circulating marketing materials. But too tired for teasing out exegetical detail at the moment!

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