Thursday, 20 August 2009

For Mr Kipperling

Sunsets not my normal fare but the evening that I did this was amazing.

We were on the MV Loch Nevis between Canna and Mallaig after a few days on the Small Isles. The sea was still, silver and viscous-looking. We could see past Skye and Canna to the Outer Hebrideas. To the North were crisp views to the Black Cuillin ridge. Hushed tourists all around. Kipperling was sipping Red Cuillin ale, eating CalMac chips and watching over my shoulder. Unusually, he made approving comments (about the picture - CalMac chips and Skye Brewery beer always of a high standard). Sunsets are obviously his thing. So he's getting this one for his birthday.

I am fairly sure that Kipperling will not see this before I give it to him tomorrow since he will be celebrating tonight in Brontë country. Which conjures a very interesting set of images! He will no doubt be wearing brogues, clutching a copy of the Guardian Weekly and eating shin of beef.

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